Your hosts Lynne and Eddie Fraser have been in the accommodation industry on the Chathams, looking after visitors to these wonderful islands since tourism started here. Black Robin Homestays gives you a personal, warm and welcoming accommodation experience in the heart of a real Chatham Island family with history that goes back generations.

“Quality accommodation and quality hosts.”

Staying at Black Robin Homestays feels a bit like going to stay with the really cool Auntie and Uncle that you never get to see often enough, and that you really look forward to seeing again. Whether you are there for business or just to have a look around, you will be made to feel welcome and included in the family, to whatever extent you want. Leaving there is almost like leaving a family member behind.

Lynne and Eddie have grown this business from humble beginnings to consistently being one of the best accommodation providers on the Islands. One advantage of this business for them is that they get to show off their wonderful islands to their guests and then spend time with them, talking, dining, playing cards or simply chilling out watching TV.

hostsBlack Robin Homestays is named after that amazing wee Black robin, endemic to the Chathams and once believed to be on the very edge of extinction, with just 5 birds left. In true Chatham Island spirit, armed with the resilience that comes from living on the edge of the world, the Chatham Islands Black Robin now boasts a population of several hundred adult birds.

We take bookings 7 days a week. You can get hold of us by filling out the form below or by:

Ring us on 64 3 3050106 (same number for Fax)


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