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Hello,  I’m Barbara Baker, REALTOR®, and I love what I do. I’ve had the privilege of living in this beautiful place for a long time now, With a population of only 11,000, Sedona has that small-town quality, but this area is extraordinarily expansive. It’s also very pristine. No litter. No graffiti. And because we’re so aware of the beauty of the night sky, street lights are kept dim so as not to dim your view of the stars!

Sedona is one giant colorful palette where homes and businesses appear as organic parts of the surrounding cliffs, woods and red rock mountains. Even better, Sedona homes are designed to bring the outdoors in, so that at every angle the landscape’s majesty is within your immediate view. At sunrise, light streams in, ever changing across walls and floors as the day progresses. And your home and yard become your personal vacation resort. More about Sedona homes

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$ ★ 875
$ ★ 875

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